Fresh cut chip shop chips from Greenaway Foods

Fresh Cut "Chip Shop" Chips


One of our top products are the traditional "chip shop" chips which come from the best quality chipping potato, full of freshness and goodness. Our chips taste delicious on the inside plus they are chunky and golden on the outside.

1kg packs of PG Chips for home use are very popular with families. They are convenient and have a seven day shelf life if refrigerated correctly.

5kg packs of PG Chips are ideal for catering. They come packaged in a box for easy handling and storage.

10kg packs of chips are used in restaurants and catering. There is full traceability of every potato and every chip.

Peeled potatoes from Greenaway Foods

Peeled Potatoes


Our peeled potatoes are professionally peeled and hand-picked for size and quality. Using the best seasonal potato, they are a hassle-free option for customers and they are perfect for boiling, roasting and mash.

Our 1kg packs of peeled potatoes are perfect for using at home. The simple and effortless way to make roast potatoes, mashed potatoes or even just boiled potatoes in your own kitchen.

The 5kg and 10kg catering packs of potatoes are professionally peeled and handpicked for the highest quality product. Ideal for your restaurant and catering business wanting to supply the perfect potato side dish for your customers.

Greenaway Foods Onion Rings

Onion Rings


Using the highest grade onions, our traditional "chip shop" onion rings are coated in the best quality own brand premium batter mix. Produced for home cooking, our onion rings have a golden crisp crunch finish and are a perfect accompaniment for your sirloin or fillet steak.

PG Chip Shop Batter Mix


If you want an authentic "chip shop" flavour and quality for your fish, meat or vegetables, our very own PG Chips Premium Batter Mix is the answer. Packed in 250g bags to be used at home or by catering businesses.

Charlie's Maris Piper Potatoes Sack

Charlie's Potatoes


10kg Charlies Maris Pipers are a quality all rounder potato for retail businesses. They can be boiled, chipped, roasted or mashed.

25kg Charlies Maris Pipers/Markies are perfect for catering businesses. They are consistent in size and quality as well as meeting the highest standards required for producing the perfect chip every time.

Dirty Maris Piper Potatoes in Sack

Maris Piper/ Markies Potatoes


25kg Maris Pipers/Markies for Catering. This is a perfect product for the chip shop trade as these make ideal chipping potatoes. These specially selected Lincolnshire potatoes are ideal for the perfect chip, specifically grown for their superior quality and taste.

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